Boston Dynamics


Boston Dynamics is a robotics company whose mission is to imagine and create innovative robots that enrich people’s lives. My rebrand highlights the unique characteristics of their robotics. 


Inspired by the technological advancement of Boston Dynamics, I designed the logo by using geometric shapes and negative space to show the idea of balance. This shows the unique characteristics that Boston Dynamics has on its products. When researching Boston Dynamics, I was fascinated by the cutting-edge technology they were creating. It allowed me to see how their current identity system didn’t express who they are and their products. The research allowed me to see what can be done to improve the brand.


The poster is designed to promote technological advancement in their product. The posters show how their products can change the idea of what robots can do and highlight the different features and capabilities that the products are known for. It will show them what makes their products unique and different from others.


I developed mockups for the posters, products, and spatial for Boston Dynamics to see the different possibilities of how Boston Dynamics can expand its new identity system.








I designed the website and mobile app to allow the user to interact with Boston Dynamics and see the products they sell. The new platform will allow the user to see the product’s capabilities and show them what makes their products unique and different.



This was a good experience for me since I enjoyed doing the research where I learned about the technological advancement that Boston Dynamics had made. This allowed me to understand how I could improve the brand, while also understanding what I could do to expand the identity system as well.