Oceanic Preservation Society(OPS) is a non-profit organization that promotes marine conservation and environmental protection. My rebrand highlights their dedication to protecting the ocean through documentary, film, and media.


Inspired by their mission statement to inspire, empower, and connect a global community of activists through films to expose critical issues, I designed the logo as the ocean to show their care for protecting wildlife and our fragile planet. Researching OPS allowed me to set rebranding goals, such as expanding its campaign and platform and promoting its content better to make people interested. The rebranding of the OPS will allow the audience to know more about who OPS is and the films they create that expose crimes against wildlife and the planet and help promote awareness.


Inspired by the movement of the ocean, waves, and wildlife, I created graphic elements that would support the new identity system for the OPS.


The poster is designed to promote OPS’s documentary and expose global issues such as illegal wildlife trading, biodiversity loss, unsustainable fishing, and many more. By using the graphic elements for the poster, it shows how important the ocean is to wildlife and to OPS.


The mockups are developed to show how my posters who be seen in public. This would allow people to understand the global crisis that has been happening in the ocean and show why they should care.


The website is designed to promote the films that OPS produced and enhance the audience's experience with OPS. Graphic elements have been added to the website to showcase the new identity system and get an understanding of what OPS wants to protect.


Social media would allow OPS to show photography and short videos that haven’t been in the films and this allows people to understand what the OPS does. This also would help OPS a chance to promote its content better which would interest the audience.


This was an educational experience for me where the most memorable part was understanding the global crisis that OPS was describing and creating a cohesive identity system that reflects that. By researching and rebranding OPS, I made designs that show who OPS is and why people should care for this brand.