Streamlined Geometry


Streamlined Geometry is a book that highlights the influence and history of Art Deco. It showcases the potential and possibilities that Art Deco has and how it has evolved and changed over time.


I was inspired by the variety of media and designers that Art Deco has influenced when researching and creating the book. I wanted to show how Art Deco was not a single style, but a collection of different styles that have influenced a variety of media, such as architecture, fashion, jewelry, furniture, interior design, and many more. By showing what Art Deco has influenced, it created some challenges when designing the book. By creating a symmetrical and asymmetrical balance between the text and imagery, it created a sense of Art Deco.



The posters are designed to promote the book and the products that have been influenced by Art Deco. The reason why the posters are heavily image-based is to help the public see Art Deco in different aspects of design and start understanding the relationship between the symmetry and asymmetry in the forms.


This was a very fun experience for me since I was very engaged in the research and design of the book. Doing the research allowed me to appreciate the subject from a different perspective and was surprised by what I learned. It influenced how I designed the book which made it enjoyable for me to tell the story.