TreeHotel is located in a tall pine forest in Sweden. It offers a unique hotel experience with tree rooms in unspoiled nature. My rebrand highlights the relationship of the visitor to the rich natural experience.


Inspired by their mission statement of giving people the chance to experience nature in the treetops, I designed the logo to mimic the shape of the tree to show their core values. The logo represents how they care about preserving nature, but also giving people a chance to renew their energy. When researching and rebranding TreeHotel, I focused on reconnecting, representing, and expanding the brand by promoting the services and hotel experience that TreeHotel offers to the user. Doing the research allowed me to see what the brand needed and what I can do to improve it.


The postcards are designed to introduce TreeHotel to the audience and show what they offer. By using graphic elements inspired by the logo, I created postcards that show what makes TreeHotel different from other hotels.


The lookbook is designed to explain the hotel experience that TreeHotel offers. By creating space with the text and imagery on the pages, it created an airy feeling with the lookbook to show a sense of comfort when reading it which helped represent TreeHotel.


I placed the graphic elements of the postcards and lookbook into the collaterals and spatial to enhance the hotel experience and support the new identity system.


The website is designed to enhance the audience experience with TreeHotel by providing them with a platform for communication, information about TreeHotel and its rooms, and booking services.


This was a fun and educational experience for me since I enjoyed doing the research and the rebranding for TreeHotel. Doing the research allowed me to get a different perspective of the brand and see what they needed. This allowed me to see the direction that I needed to take when rebranding which was enjoyable and interesting.